Savory Waffle Recipes

If your like me, your waffle maker you just had to have is hidden in the back of your appliance cabinet because you only want waffles once every other month.

I love the idea of using the machine for something savory, since I am not a big fan of sweets.

Here are some simple recipes that use your waffle maker for more than just your typical breakfast food!

Pizza Wafflespizza

Yes, you read that right!

Who doesn’t love pizza? And it would be simple to put different toppings in each waffle for families with different tastes!


Bacon Jalapeno Grilled Cheese

bacon.jpgOkay, so this recipe isn’t exactly the healthiest, but it sure does look delicious!

And instead of using bread you use tater tots!

You could also use tater tots, but play around with different fillings to make it your own.


Beer Mac & Cheese Wafflemac.jpg

It’s Mac & Cheese in a waffle… need I say more?




Cornbread Waffles

corn.jpgThis is the easiest recipe on the list. You make the cornbread as usual and pour it on the waffle maker and your done!

These waffles can go with tons of different foods like chili or soup!



Waffle Omeletwaf

I know, you’ve seen a recipe like this before… But that’s because they are insanely good!

This is my favorite on the list because you have the power to put in any ingredient that appeals to you!


Hopefully this helps you all find new uses for that waffle iron you have in the back of your closet!

Let me know if you have any other savory waffle ideas!

Thank you and God bless!